Profiles in History Marvel Captain America auction PDF download here


Auction house, Profiles in History, is releasing their free online PDF catalog soon has released their free online PDF catalog of the “Captain America First Avenger Auction” being held April 14th at Chicago’s Comic and Entertainment Expo and Movie Prop Collectors has a few advance catalog pages here for readers..

The auction items are nothing sort of amazing and the selection of items being offered for sale direct from Marvel Studios is unbelievable.

The full PDF can be downloaded HERE and fans can see the catalog online HERE

Fans and interested bidders can also view the full online catalog in a flip book HERE.

Below are some highlights for Movie Prop Collectors readers:

• Chris Evans “Steve Rogers/Captain America” hero costume with shield
• Chris Evans “Steve Rogers/Captain America” hero USO stage costume with shield
• Hugo Weaving “Johann Schmidt/Red Skull” hero black leather “SS” costume
• Hugo Weaving “Johann Schmidt/Red Skull” Cube setup costume
• Hugo Weaving “Red Skull” screen-worn prosthetic makeup appliances
• Hayley Atwell “Peggy Carter” hero pub scene red crêpe dress
• Hero Cube carrier with Cosmic Cube
• Hero silver prototype shield
• Full-scale “Captain America” motorcycle
• A selection of full-scale Hydra Bikes
• Full-scale Hydra Fastrac
• Hydra and Allied hero weaponry: flamethrowers, machine guns, assault rifles, grenades, etc.
• Super Soldier Rebirth pod
• “Stark Industries” equipment

Profiles is also offering items from Marvel’s Thor and Iron Man 2 film including an unprecedented full-scale screen-used Mark II “Autopsy” suit from Iron Man 2. This is an amazing  piece and this is the first time a full size, complete screen used Iron Man 2 Mark 2 has ever been offered at auction direct from the studio.

There also is a selection of prop weapons, including a pair of stunt Mjölnir war hammers and Jane Foster’s hero notebook from Thor !


All photos ©Profiles in History and Marvel Studios.

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